During the opening ceremony at Democamp East/West 2009 Poznań we have made a presentation ‚Start-ups and Law’. We spoke about the following points which are based on the most often raised questions during our talks with start-ups:

  1. fundamental issues, e.g. do we need to draft a written copyright assignment agreement? Maybe an invoice is sufficient or an oral contract… Do we need to specify the separate fields of exploitation in the agreement? There are also questions whether it is possible to just point out articles 50 and 74 of The Act on copyright and neighbouring rights in such agreements to this extent.
  2. documentation of the Internet services, like Terms of Use/Terms of Service, Privacy Policy/Privacy and written documentation which describes the Security Policy in the scope referring to the method of personal data processing and the measures for their protection
  3. should we moderate service/blog comments? When can we invoke Article 14 of The Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means. We explained whether it is better to remove comments without prior awareness if you run a small blog.
  4. conflict between Domain Names and Trademarks (what if I registered …..(choose appropriate:-)) as first?) and differences between word and figurative trademarks for Internet startups
  5. unsolicited commercial communications (The Act on combating unfair commercial practices, The Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means, The Polish Civil Code)
  6. using free software components during software development; integration of free software components with proprietary software
  7. conflict between Domain Names and Trademarks (what if I registered …..(choose appropriate) as first?)
  8. how much information should I provide to VC, BA, VA (or other investor); what if the investor refused to sign the non-disclosure agreement? Should I disclose my confidential information?

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