As our blog is also read by students, particularly computer science and law students, and secondly, because we intend to share our professional experiences with our readers, I would like to introduce the SIFE program to you. The reason why I am writing about it is that I have been appointed to be an opening round judge representing Law Firm Urowska i Wspólnicy with its seat in Poznań, during the 11th Students In Free Enterprise Poland National Competition in Poznań.

The SIFE program is dedicated to students who are willing to change the world around them and want to have an impact on other people, local or international community. The projects’ activities should fulfil certain criteria which are described here. The judges carefully evaluate students’ achievements in specific areas. What is important, students have full discretion to choose audience to their projects as well as methods of implementing their ideas into life.

In my personal opinion students who work on business projects or think of starting their own businesses and in addition to speak English well should consider taking part in the SIFE competition. It is a great opportunity to gain feedback from experts during preparations for the contest and executing the projects. Meetings with sponsors and representatives of universities, charities will definitely benefit in the future.

In my view the SIFE program is a chance especially for those of you who are thinking of implementing new ideas on the Internet. I strongly recommend the program for everyone who is thinking of starting his/her new business but before doing that wants to gain professional experience in team work, networking, and convincing people that he/she has potential to execute serious projects.

Good luck!